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Technological advances in all fields have reached altitudes that were once unimaginable. We grow alongside these advancements by investing heavily in the latest technologies to develop remarkable, cutting-edge solutions such as:


The world of transportation is rapidly evolving, integrating telecommunications and intelligent vehicle technologies for various applications such as – Fleet Management, Emergency Warning Systems and Satellite Navigation. Our Vehicle to Everything (V2X) solutions encompass state of the art technologies to help you create exceptional products and be at the forefront of your industry.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Intelligence in global supply chain is paramount to your product's success. User experience and usability of your product – the significant driving force to secure brand loyalty and customer base growth – are the ultimate goals of our designing team. We create user-centred HMI designs to enhance your products' user interface. No matter which mode of human-machine interaction you wish to feature in your products, we fine-tune HMI solutions to perfect the experience for your customers.

Single Board Computer (SBC)

Your product might require Single Board Computers embedded into a larger system to provide the computing power it needs to serve its intended use. The applications of SBCs are wide-reaching, being a critical element in gaming machines, touch screen kiosks, industrial computers and medical equipment.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We are empowering a race to achieve extensive interconnectivity of devices, machines and systems. With our IoT solutions, the benefits to the automotive, medical, consumer and industrial markets are far-reaching – from intelligence with data aggregation and analysis, to streamlined automation of operations.

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